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Combination Magnetic buckle Curtain Doors

Combination Magnetic buckle Curtain Doors Combination Magnetic buckle Curtain Doors Combination Magnetic buckle Curtain Doors
Product name:Combination Magnetic buckle Curtain Doors

magnet insect screen
The Magnetic Curtain Door was invented by a local person in Linxin county in 1998.
After this China got a good method to prevent the mosquito in summer,and also our magnetic curtain doors already popular in China about 10 years.
With our products,you can get a comfortable living environment in the summer.
The Magnetic Curtain Door is made of Magnetics and curtains,both normally used in our daily life.And Lixin county is a developing district in Anhui Province,the human resources there are very cheap,we have skilled workers which have been engaged in this line for 10 years.Cause the low salary there,our products are very cheap,you just need to purchase one,and you can live without mosquito and other pests for several years,the most important thins is that this method will not harm our health.
We can produce the magnetic curtain door as your requirement.For examply,you can send us a special photo,we can put the logo on the curtain.Also,we can provide all kind of sizes you need,you just show us your specification,and we will design the curtain door for you!
It's popular in China,and also we believe,our products can play a perfect performance in your place!
Please feel free to contact us for a long-term cooperation relationship,any response from you will be highly appreciated!
The magnetic curtain door has the following features:
1. good out look.
2.No noise

3.Convenient to in and out of the door
4. Cheap. Produced by human resources in China, it enjoy a lower price. 
5. More easy to clean.
It can be used widely in home, resteraunt, Hotel, office, hospital, etc. both a new replacer of the door, and also a good method to guarantee a comfortable living space environmentally from the mosquito.

6.Fine meshed fly screen is easy fit and forms a virtually invisible insect barrier once installed.

7.Effective against midges, moths, mosquitos and other insects and flies.
Allows air to circulate freely, making it ideal to use in the bedroom, living room and kitchen.

8.Auto close, Through the action of  gravity and magnetic force, The insect nets will close automatically after you away.

9.Easy to fix and remove. Good item for DIY.

10.Removable and washable

Keep the insects out ! Enjoy the fresh air, Enjoy your life!!!



  • Size of Insect net :   45cm(W) x 210cm(H) approx
  • Size of small curtain:   90cm(W) x 15cm(H) approx
  • Material: Polyester
      2 x Insect net of 45cm x 210cm
    1 x Small curtain net (decorative cover net) of 90cmX15cm
    2 x Magnetic strip
    2 x Magnet piece


Installation guide

A> Cut the insect net into 2 pieces(size of each piece:45cm x 210cm).

B> Put the magnet piece into the bottom of the channel of insect net.

C> Put the magnetic strip into the channel of insect net, pls notice the install direction, keep the magnetic strips of interattraction.

D> Fix the insect nets. Pls let the center slightly higher than both sides of the insect net, and insect net must have superposition with the floor, but not let magnetic strip touch with the floor.

E> Fix the small curtain (decorative cover) onto the door frame.
If your door is wood-frame,can straightly fix the small insect net onto
the wood-frame with the nails(provided).

If your door is metal-frame,pls put the double faced adhesive tape(not included)
affix onto the metal-frame first,and then put the small curtain net onto the metal-frame.


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