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Name: Tony Wu
Tel: +86-558-8080566
Mobile: +86-13966501805
Add: North Renmin Road,Lixin County,Bozhou City,Anhui Province,China
Skype: happy_slum,lisa.zhu87
QQ: 835749821
MSN: Skype: happy_slum Skype: lisa.zhu87 QQ: 835749821


Posted Time:2012/5/12 20:03:59
Stewart Kramer says:Great product and great company to deal with. Tony is very easy to work with and will do whatever he can to satisfy his customers. I particularly appreciate his flexibility and willingness to produce a satisfactory outcome for all concerned. Reply:
Posted Time:2011/8/2 10:12:18
tony says:hi, interesting about your products, pls contact me! Reply:
Posted Time:2011/6/2 10:37:30
seth says:to link up from Ghana and help community Reply:Dear Seth, What can I do for you? Best regards, Tony Wu
Posted Time:2011/5/31 22:17:08
Chris Huynh says:Please send me more information about becoming a distributor for you. Reply:
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Posted Time:2011/3/12 16:29:31
Dian Iriadi says:How to order? what price to purchase wholesale and how minimum order? How much postage to the Surabaya-East Java-Indonesia? Thank you Reply:
Posted Time:2010/11/8 19:14:23
maria ines montoya says:I wuold like to know more about the insect screen We built screen to the windows give us prices an models and technical information thanks you Reply:
Posted Time:2010/10/6 6:21:20
Andre Jorissen says:Dear Sir. Highly interested in your offered Magnetic Curtain Doors. Full info together with your price-list shall be highly appreciated. Hoping business can be realized. Awaiting your reaction. Best regards. Andre Jorissen (dir) Reply:Dear Sir, Are you still interested in our magnetic door curtains? Regards! Tony Wu(sales manager)
Posted Time:2010/9/21 7:10:18
happy says:11 Reply:
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