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Custom magnetic door curtains

Dear Customers,
Are you still confused about how to settle the mosquito problems in summer days?
Actually,there are many diseases are transmitted by mosquitoes,like Dengue fever,Malaria,etc.
With our magnetic door curtain and magnetic window screen,you can settle this problem conveniently,
environmentally,and cheaply.
As our standard sizes are for doors with sizes of: 90x210cm and 100x210cm(width*height),your door
frame may not the same with these sizes,but don't worry,we can make them according to your door
frame's size,if you want to purchase our magnetic door curtain for your own home usage,please send
the following information to our email
1.the item NO. of our curtain you picked.
2.the size of your door frame.
3.your favorite color. full name,detailed address with mobile for the arrangement of delivery.
We can finish them quite quickly.
To pick the designs,
please click here!
You can also buy directly from our Aliexpress Online Shop,the url is:
Place a normal order and leave us a message of your door size and your favorite color,then just wait,we will finish it very quick.

2012 new magnetic fly screen

US $5.26 - $10.53 / piece

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