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Mattress Covers For Allergies And Asthma

Mattress Covers For Allergies And AsthmaDo you have very sensitive skin and often wake up with red spots all over your body? Apart from seeing a doctor, you might also need to change your beddings. It's a good idea to invest in mattress covers for allergies and asthma. You can find allergen and dust mite free covers and beddings at SleepClean.

An average adult sheds around one and a half grams of skin each day, and dust mites eat them. Overtime, those microscopic creatures tend to live in bedding and cause allergic reactions, like itching. Symptoms of sensitivity and allergies to dust mites include red, watery eyes, an itchy or runny nose accompanied by sneezing, a sore throat, breathing problems and coughing, itching and rashes, and worsening asthma attacks. If you are suffering from these, may be time to use mattress covers for allergies and asthma and prevent dust mites from living on your bed.
The bed is an ideal breeding ground for dust mites, especially when it is warm and humid. Mattress covers work to prevent them from infesting your bedding. A study found that kids with asthma took less medication when they started using mattress covers.
The best mattress covers for allergies and asthma are those that are made from 100 percent cotton and 100 percent membrane-free organic cotton. Cotton is breathable and comfortable, so you can reduce the number of dust mites and prevent them from living in your mattress without compromising a good night's rest. You can also buy stretch knit mattress covers as an alternative to the cotton variant.
SleepClean is Canada's leading supplier of dust mite and bed bug allergy control bedding. We are a family owned and managed company that is based in Canada. Sleepclean supplies anti-allergy products worldwide to customers across Europe, North America, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, and Mexico. Explore our selection of mattress covers that can help improve your respiratory health and promote an overall sense of well-being in your household.
Mattress Covers For Allergies And Asthma

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