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large European marble fountains

Water fountains are an eye-catcher in your garden. These marble and sandstone?fountains liven garden spaces with optimal humidity. They are pretty much a decorative object and special "gem" in the urban park.

Large European Marble Fountains at From Europe to You

At From Europe to You, our fountains are available in various sizes and designs! The many different variations are placed in many gardens and turn them into little oases of well-being. Depending on the size, texture and style of the garden, a fountain can be individually embedded in the overall design and thus serve as an exceptional highlight on the one hand, and as a practical source of water on the other.

Our marble fountains offer a timeless beauty to your garden. The marble material provides the perfect basis for true works of art. Above all, sculptors and designers of fountains appreciate the harmonious color scheme and pronounced grain, which are particularly effective and practical when water is splashed. All of our hand carved marble fountains and columns can be custom made to your preferred size, color and style.

Why Marble?

Marble is caused by the protracted transformation of various minerals in the Earth's interior. When the minerals are exposed to high heat and pressure, marbles are created. In the past, marble was used over the centuries in the interior design of houses and estates of the upper class. Today, marble is used to produce floor and stair coverings, kitchen countertops or fancy washbasins or decorative objects.

Marble has a broad color spectrum that includes almost every nuance, shade and color combination. The crystalline nature of the different variants of marble gives it its shine. Due to the frost resistance of many marble varieties, it is excellent for outdoor use.

Advantages of marble

With its water-impermeable, easy-to-clean surface, marble is ideal as a floor covering and is particularly suitable for house dust allergy sufferers. The benefit: marble is usually so smooth that no dust can settle in the pores or gaps of the material.

Advantages at a glance:

1. Noble natural product with an individual look

2. Surface is waterproof

3. Easy to clean

4. Its resistance, its extraordinary polished finish, its natural textures, variety and richness are just some of the advantages of marble that have made it one of the preferred materials for decorators and architects.

5. The tonality of marble remains unchanged over time, especially if used indoors. If you want to maintain the natural brightness of the first day, you just have to polish again and the stone will be as radiant as ever.

Different Marble Rocks and How They are Formed
Limestone is formed after being compressed and melted by tectonic forces. It looks mostly pastel with fine drawing, glittering in the sunlight.

Granite is formed from deep rocks, that consist of magma solidified at great depth and have a coarse to a fine grained structure with a monochrome-homogeneous look.

Quartzite is formed under enormous pressure and great heat. It has great color depth and crystalline brilliance, with a honey blue tone.

Sandstone is formed when granite is crushed and the sand is squeezed. It has a fine-grained structure, with visible deposit layers of a rainbow colored tone.

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large European marble fountains
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